Waste Plastic Crushing & Washing Line 1000kg
  • Waste Plastic Crushing & Washing Line 1000kg
  • Suitable for different kind of plastic materials, are able to separate high density and dirt material.
  • Suitable for agricultural plastic film, PP woven bag, jumbo bag, all type of plastic materials.
  • With high speed washing machine, enable plastic materials inside the machine to be twisted, washed and separated dirt.
  • Separator to extrude waters.
  • Whole set of electric facility are with automatic startup to protect wires in safe.
Please Select Preferred Specification:
Model GD-1000PCW
Metal Detector Option Option
Belt Conveyor Motor 2HP
Wet Type Crusher Motor 125HP
Screw Conveyor Motor 3HP
High Speed Washing Machine Motor 20HP
Floating Tank Material SUS304
Frame Material Iron and Steel
Single Screw Drying Machine Motor 150HP
Blower Motor 7.5HP
Jumbo Bag Frame Material Iron and Steel
Capacity 1000KG

※ This product line can be made to spec meeting customer needs. Equipment specifications are also constantly updated. You are welcomed to contact us for details.